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Our dehumidifiers make dehumidification with using its silica gel rotor. It sucks moist air from the environment and crash it into the silica gel.

A4 Alfatechnıc Dehumıdıfıer
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Alfatech Machine heating systems are required to heat the workshop, sandblasting and painting rooms. It offers a lightweight air contditioning, dynamic and a safe structure.

A5 Alfatechnıc Heaters
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The cabinets are made of continously welded heavy-duty steel cons- truction with hopper mounted suction blast system and freestanding cartridge dust collector.

Alfatechnıc Sandblastıng Cabınet
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It’s a mobil granule recycling system. It passes the granule through the filter recycled by the high flow and pressure than passes in to the blastbot. Machine has very high effiency. It’s amortises it self in 10 – 12 months.

A6 Alfatechnıc Vacuum Recovery System
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Alfatech introduce new gold vacuum machine with further innovations. It works more silence thus it can be used area which is needed less loud. The operating voice of vacuum machine has been decreased from 102 to 85 decibel by high quality isolation.

A6 Alfatechnıc Vacuum Recovery System Gold
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During application of the dust extraction and stipulated by the ministry of environment in accordance with the emulsion rates help to make the atmosphere release.An additional feature is, to clarify the image between the part and the tested by provincial directorates.


A2 Alfatechnıc Dust Collectıng Machıne
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For tasks that require multiple operations in Alfatech silo construction blasting it is preferred sandblasting machine. According to the preferred process 2-3-4-5-6 yapabilir.alfatech machine operator at the same time special valves are used in silos sunmaktadır.otomatik options automatically or manually. Each operator safely independently as in çalışabilir.tıpk blasting boiler manually and automatically generated.

Alfatechnıc Sandblastıng Sılo
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The granules are moved with meter long conveyor bands, this ensures the elimination of granules.It has the ability to collect 6-90 tons per hour.

Innovations:Cleaning with air wash separator system, granules, powder and granule unwanted paint particles by separating them with the help of screen to take away all the ingredients of the granules is also different with the help of a separate screen to take away.

Alfatechnıc Conveyor-Elevator-Seperator Systems
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Our blasting pots are available in size from 25lt to 7.000lt according to meet and need and area of usage. All these size can be manufactured manual or automatic.Areas of use:Shipbuilding industry, tank blasting, bridge building, all steel industries, historical works for art.


A1 Alfatechnıc Sandblastıng Pot

Wagner Paint Pumps

IceBreaker-PC High Pressure Piston Pumps

Wagner IceBreaker PC High Pressure Plunger Pumps are manufactured with high technology. Wagner IceBreaker PC High Pressure Plunger Pump was presented to our esteemed customers with extremely low vibration, rugged construction, maintenance, use and easy to design one combined spray system, the ingredients guaranteed to give reliable results in excellent application and even continuous operation. Wagner also shows the superiority at the thick layer applications.


Protec GM 1 Paint Gun

The WAGNER PROTEC product family is specially tailored to meet the demands of protective coating applications. It meets the highest requirements when using high solid and highly viscous coating materials. The uncompromising quality of the components and materials used ensures maximum availability and minimum downtime! Excellent ergonomics, good balance and unmatched ease with each use ensure a safe and reassuring feeling, excellent coating results and comfortable  working.


Wagner Protec 2K Paint Pump

Modern high-performance corrosion protection and marine coatings are formulated with high and ultra high solid content – most of them are 2-component based. These coatings require an accurate proportioning and mixing of the resin with the hardener to ensure the chemical reaction which enables the mixture to harden and reach the expected chemical and mechanical properties.


Rpb Safety Equipments


Contracor DBS Series Sandblasting Pots

All Contracor abrasive blasting machines are equipped on standard delivery with a highly efficient CAF moisture separator to prevent the entry of moisture and oil from the compressor into the tank. This is especially necessary when using old compressors, or working at low temperatures or at a large distance from the compressor.


Contracor Vacuum Blasting

Vacuum blasting,whilst blasting operation it provides recycling grit and ensures dustless blasting,totally 3 different type it has. All models show differs each other up to surface area. These are imported products.Innovations:Portable dust free pressure blast system, Working pressure adjustable from 1 to 8 bar, Pressure indicator works before and during blast process,Ergonomic aluminium suction head including, Integrated Boron Carbide Nozzle & brush sealing Ø 50mm.


Sandblasting Cabinet

The cabinets are made of continously welded heavy-duty steel cons- truction with hopper mounted suction blast system and freestanding cartridge dust collector, Abrasive blasting applications including cleaning, deburring, deflashing,finishing,peening,and decorating. Build for long lasting light to medium industrial use. Its including different type (Model) Eco-Series Cab-Series So on Please demand Pdf Leaflets.


Kennametal Nozzles


Every day throughout the world abrasive waterjet and abrasive blasting nozzles from Kennametal set the standards in performance and productivity. All backed up with anunmatched reputation for customer service
and technical support.



Demanding customers know that they can count on nozzles from Kennametal to stand up to the harshest environments. Our unique family of tungsten carbide, boron carbide, SiAlON and ROCTEC® composite carbide nozzles offer exceptional wear resistance and unmatched performance.



At Kennametal, performance is engineered into every nozzle we manufacture. We begin by selecting high performance materials that provide extended durability. Then we use optimum manufacturing methods including hot pressing, sintering, and rapid omnidirectional compaction (ROC) technologies that result in consistent, high quality part performance.


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